6 zile singur în sălbăticie în Danemarca

Vedem la tipul ăsta tot felul de mici secrete despre cum să-ți faci viața mai ușoară în condiții de sălbăticie: cum faci adăpostul, cum faci un foc care să meargă permanent cu efort minim din partea ta, cum să gătești, ce instrumente ai nevoie, ce scule poți să-ți faci și așa mai departe.

Most asked questions:

1. Did you hunt the food?

No, hunting.I bought all the food the day before the trip.

2. How did you keep the meat fresh?

The meat did just stay in the backpack. It was abut 10-15 degrees. After the first few days did I make sure to cook it well done – and the meat was fine to eat.

3. What about predators?

We don’t have bears in Denamrk. We have a few wolves, but you need to get very loocky to see one… So predators is no problem.

4. What tent did you use?

Polish poncho Lavvu.

5. What camera did you use?DSLR Nikon D7000 with mainly Nikon 50mm 1.8

6. What pants did you use?

Ridgeline Explorer Pintail

7. What are the location?

The west coast of Denmark. Relative close to the city Esbjerg.

8. Do you have premission?

Yes I have premission.

9. Who is behinde the camera?

I am. it’s a selfie.

10. Can I visit you?

No, that is not a possibility. Maybe at some point in the future.

11. Where can I get a sweater like that?

Sweaters like that is very commen in scandinavia – so scandinavian online stores is an option. I don’t know the brand of the one I am using, is just from a thrift shop.

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