O tipă a luat pauză de Hollywood

E vorba de Neve Campbell, dar nu asta contează, ci e de lăudat mai degrabă faptul că a reușit să iasă, chiar dacă parțial, din rat race, concentrându-se pe lucruri mai umane cum ar fi… fi-so și experiența traiului în alte țări, alte culturi.

I've been offered the leads in some network shows, but I've done that schedule and 10 months a year, 17 hours a day, and that's not who I want to be as a mom,

Cred și eu că s-a săturat lucrând de la 15 ani. Și nu e vorba doar de faptul că a devenit mamă, tendințe de downshifting a avut și înainte. Ce să mai, îmi place cum gândește fata asta.

 I got tired of Los Angeles, and I got tired of the game a bit. I wanted to have a different life experience, so I moved to England, and I lived in England for eight years, and I worked there. I didn't stop working, but I worked there and I did theater and some film and some television and just enjoyed my life and got some culture, which was very important to me.(…)

I was working in Europe for eight years and then I was a mom for a few years, so I've had to be very conscious of how I wanted to step back into it. It's baby steps. For me, doing a nice little role in something good like "Mad Men" or "Manhattan," or going and doing some comedy like "Welcome to Sweden," or those kinds of choices felt right for me.

Acum revine în House of Cards.


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